Flightgear EDDS VHHH Air Traffic Control Hub


Welcome to the VHHH/EDDS Air Traffic Control Hub!

Check below for airports we control as well as airport charts. We recommend everyone that all pilots connect to mumble (mumble.allfex.org) when being controlled at Stuttgart Area and Hong Kong Intl Area.

EDDS Stuttgart Airport

Stuttgart Airport is famous for its scenery in Flightgear, as well as the massive amounts of traffic it takes with only one runway. This is the perfect airport to practice flying under air traffic control with instruments and visual. Enjoy amazing scenery around Stuttgart, and an easy and fast route to Frankfurt. A great starting point for newcomers that are new to being controlled.

VHHH Hong Kong International Airport

Enjoy the impressive scenery around Hong Kong. Without active traffic around the airport, it is the perfect place to fly a pattern around this airport to familiarize yourself with the instruments. It is also an ideal airport if you want to fly with your friends in a formation.
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